Northern Wisconsin Shoreline Restoration

Custom Landscaping can add value and beauty to your shoreline with our shoreline restoration services! With our landscaping expertise and understanding of DNR and local regulations regarding lake shores, we create beautiful shorelines that are environmentally responsible. Call us today to learn how we can help protect your Vilas County Chain of Lakes or Cisco Chain shoreline!

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Reduce Lakeshore Problems with Shoreline Restoration

Did you know that traditional landscaping can be very harmful to your lake and shoreline environment? Shoreline erosion, lake sedimentation, loss of wildlife, polluting runoff from lawn care products – these are just some of the problems that can occur. With a well-designed and properly planned shoreline restoration by Custom Landscaping, you can reduce these negative effects and create a more stable and healthy shoreline.

Lakescaping Restores the Balance of Nature

Ecological shoreline restoration creates a natural buffer zone between your lawn and the lake shore. With appropriate mulches and native plants, your lakeshore can become even more appealing, as well as healthier. Shoreline restoration, or lakescaping, has many useful benefits for both you and your shoreline.

  • Preserves the shoreline
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Filters pollutants and runoff
  • Provides natural habitat for wildlife
  • Improves the quality of a lakes water
  • Allows for a healthy fish population
  • Increases wildlife observation possibilities by attracting ducks, birds, butterflies and frogs
  • Creates a beautiful and naturally appealing shoreline

Shoreline Restoration Preserves our Beautiful Wisconsin Lakes

Responsible shoreline restoration can be a big project and should be done by professionals to ensure that proper plants and materials are used in the most beneficial way. Don’t let the cost of a shoreline restoration project get in the way of protecting your shoreline – there are grant programs available to Wisconsin property owners to reimburse much of the cost of your shoreline restoration. Explore the links below to learn more!

Vilas County
Oneida County
Forest County

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Natural and Long Lasting Shorelines



[photo-frame]Shoreline Restoration in Vilas County[/photo-frame]

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Feel free to give us a call with any questions about Custom Landscaping’s shoreline restoration services and the value a lakescaping project will bring to your lakeshore property. Don’t let your lakeshore environment suffer – schedule a shoreline restoration today!

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