Natural Landscape Construction

From lush, green lawns to carefully chosen plantings and landscape features, Custom Landscaping specializes in making your landscape elements come together naturally. And with our attention to often ignored details such as slope retention, storm water management, and erosion control, your property will continue to look great year after year!

Our goal is to work with the grain of nature, not against it, building landscapes that are not only aesthetically appealing but sustainable and functional as well.

Want a natural, rustic landscape that highlights the inherent beauty of the Northwoods? We’ll build it! Do you prefer a formal landscape combining symmetry and clean, crisp lines? We can do it!

Green Landscaping

A sustainable landscape is an eco-friendly decision with tremendous benefits for you and the environment. Protect and provide habitats for native plants and wildlife while you enjoy more free time, because natural landscapes require considerably less maintenance than formal lawns.

Strategically planting deciduous trees to provide shade for your home and outdoor living spaces not only increases your comfort, but can actually lower your home’s energy consumption. Consider preserving naturally beautiful areas or take the next step with a shoreline restoration project. From colorful rain gardens to extensive rain water harvesting systems, Custom Landscaping will make your landscape as green as you want!

 Custom Landscaping – Reflections in Nature!