Introducing: Real World Wildlife Products

New product offering! Custom Landscaping of Eagle River is proud to be a new dealer for Real World Wildlife Products, including custom deer food plot seed!

Real World Wildlife Products prides themselves on high quality seeds, high seed quantity per acre, low prices, and great results!

Products offered in our store include, but are not limited to:

  • Clover/Chicory Blend
  • Plot Topper
  • Whitetail Harvest Salad
  • Deadly Dozen
  • Forage Oat Blend
  • Switchgrass
  • RWWP Mazimizer plus mineral

Clover/Chicory Blend

“RWWP Clover and Chicory contains only the very best varieties found in our test plots. We started by planting every clover variety we could find side-by-side and letting the deer tell us which ones they preferred. Chicory makes a great companion crop with clover and makes up 3% of the total blend. Chicory is packed with protein and drought hardy. The particular variety of chicory we use was the most attractive variety in our testing. Clover produces tons of forage throughout the year and is a staple for the serious land manager looking to produce the most forage he can for his herd. This blend is also great for fire breaks, access lanes, logging roads, and slightly shaded small plots that can be maintained through mowing.”

Plot Topper

“We came up with this unique blend which includes purple top turnips, oil-seed radish, tillage radish, rape, sugar beets, forage collards, crimson clover and impact forage collards after years of side by side testing. The result is a product that will have deer tearing at the foliage and bulbs as hard as any brassica mixture on the market. We have noticed that some deer tend to hit brassicas harder and quicker than others. Plot Topper can be planted alone or planted in the same plot with our Whitetail Oats, Harvest Salad, or broadcasted into standing corn or soybeans as the leaves turn yellow. If you want big bucks on big brassica bulbs, try out Plot Topper.”

Whitetail Harvest Salad Fall Planted Seed Blend

“Real Worlds “Whitetail Harvest Salad” has been a fan favorite for years because it is easy to grow and extremely attractive. This blend contains three cereal grains and Austrian Winter Peas. The variety of Austrian Winter Peas we use is extremely winter hardy. The deer will hammer the cereal grains when weather conditions have deer going to green food sources. Don’t be misled by other brands that mix annuals and perennials in their fall-planted seed blends or market no-till products.”

Deadly Dozen – Full Season Food Plot

“Real World Wildlife Products has combined our two most popular fall-planted products into one and the results are…DEADLY! For several years our customers have planted both Harvest Salad and Plot Topper in the same plot with excellent results. Deer flock to these plots from the time the plot germinates, through the entire hunting season and well into the following spring. We took the hint and have combined these two popular products into a convenient 1/4 acre bag, the perfect size for those small kill-plots. Deadly Dozen includes winter hardy oats, winter wheat, winter barley, Austrian winter peas, tillage radish, purple top turnips, rape plus, usage beets, forage collards, impact forage collards, crimson clover and oil seed radish.”

Forage Oat Blend


“RWWP switchgrass will get 7-8′ tall”

RWWP Maximizer Plus Mineral – Deer Mineral

“Maximizer deer mineral was develop after more than 20 years of extensive research with both captive whitetails as well as wild deer. Unlike other salt-dominated products which offer very little. nutritional benefit to deer, Maximizer Deer Mineral is specifically formulated with over 20 micro and macro-nutrients; many in precise proportion to each other. The specific nutrient formulation found in Maximizer has been directly responsible for the growth of numerous captive bucks scoring more than 300″ and countless bucks scoring more than 200” at just two years old.

By providing the deer on your property with adequate year-round access to Maximizer Deer Mineral, you are giving the bucks the very best opportunity to develop antlers to their full genetic potential while also helping the does raise vigorous healthy fawns.”

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