Custom Chainsaw Carvings in Eagle River

Looking for a truly unique focal point to complement your garden or yard? You will find it when you visit the Chainsaw Carving display at Custom Landscaping’s Garden Center in Eagle River WI. These exquisite, one-of-a-kind sculptures are the perfect accent piece for your Northern WI or Upper MI home. Featuring a variety of imaginative eagles, bear, and Northwood’s wildlife carvings, you’ll be amazed by the artistic detail put into every piece. You can even order your very own custom-designed chainsaw carving to match your tastes!

Live Chainsaw Carvings by Danczyk Woodcraft

See Northwood’s art come to life at our Garden Center!

Have you ever wondered how chainsaw carvers create such stunning sculptures? See for yourself at Custom Landscaping’s Garden Center, late May through September! Our resident chainsaw artist begins by choosing just the right log for each carving. Starting with a large saw, he removes the unneeded wood from the carving. As the statue comes to life, smaller saws are used to create the intricate details for your custom chainsaw carving. Each sculpture is oiled to protect it from the elements, and with proper care, can last a lifetime!

Chad Danczyk of Danczyk Woodcraft fell in love with this art form a few years ago. He has been busy creating beautiful sculptures and winning chainsaw carving competitions ever since! See his amazing handiwork for yourself at the Garden Center in Eagle River, or visit the artist’s website.

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