2015: Year of the Coleus

It’s Flashy, It Streaks, It Glows, It’s Coleus! With increasing interest in using foliage in our gardens and containers the coleus plant is quickly becoming the go to plant of the season.  With new varieties every year it is even more versatile than it has been in the past.  It’s most attractive feature, colorful foliage, comes in a wide array […] Continue Reading

Trend Alert: Houseplants

Trend Alert: Houseplants Thinking Outside The Container During the dreary winter months gardeners and non-gardeners alike yearn for the lush greens and the bright flowers of summer.  Filling our homes with houseplants, usually a Christmas cactus or an Easter lily has been the easiest solution.  In recent years however many people are thinking outside the traditional pots and containers and […] Continue Reading