10 Plants to Add to Your Garden Right Now

10 Plants to Add to Your Garden Right Now

Typically in the fall we are preparing our gardens for winter and a little bit depressed that it is coming so quickly. Instead we should be planting some different perennials, bulbs and trees that will allow us to enjoy our gardens year round. Here are 10 plants that you need to add to your garden this fall

Tahiti Daffodil

1.) Daffodils

This common spring bulb has gotten a facelift in recent years. Fun new varieties like ‘Ice King’ (double flowering), ‘Pink Charm’ (white with pink trumpets) and ‘Tahiti’(Yellow and Orange double flowering) have brought the daffodil to the forefront in our spring landscapes. Daffodils are also fairly deer resistant, which is an important consideration in the Northwoods.





2.) Allium

These unique flower bulbs are absolute showstoppers. Their large purple flower heads can range in size from 4” to 12” depending on the variety. Some of the larger varieties ‘Globemaster’ and ‘Christophii’ are sure to make your neighbors jealous. They typically bloom in early June and are somewhat deer resistant however; I would still use your favorite deer repellent early in the season as a precaution. You don’t want to miss these flowers!




Scilla3.) Scillia

The last spring bulb on this list is a great performer in woodland areas. Its flowers are very natural looking and bloom early in the season giving our landscapes some much needed color after the long winters. You might know them by the name wood hyacinth. They make the biggest statement when they are planted in large groups.





winter-color-kale-m4.) Kale – Ornamental and Edible

Aside from the many health benefits that eating kale offers it is also a great plant in the landscape. The ornamental varieties pair well with mums and black-eyed susans in fall containers. Kale is a cool weather crop so it grows the best in the early spring and early fall and can even withstand some frosts. If you have a hoop house or a cold frame you can grow Kale well into the colder months of the year.





5.) Aster

Every garden needs something flowering in September and an Aster is the perfect solution. Most aster varieties are in the purple tones and when they are in full bloom resemble a mum. Deer will sometimes eat these so I always use my favorite deer repellent on them. These plants are very hardy and really help to brighten up the fall landscape.



Ivory Halo In Winter

6.) Ivory Halo Dogwood

These variegated leaf shrubs add interest to your garden even in the winter months with their bright red stems which are very striking against the snow cover or when used in floral and decorative arrangements. In the summer their green and white leaves add an extra level of interest. The Ivory Halo can grow 8-10’ tall and as wide so they need some space to grow. They will also benefit from pruning the older stems which will provide more energy for the young red shoots.



Autumn Blaze Maple7.) Maple Trees

Fall is a great time to plant trees since its cooler and tends to rain more often. It is also an excellent time to visit your local nursery and see firsthand the fall color of many trees and plants. There are many different varieties of maple trees which are all slightly different in their fall color and the time that they change. Some of our favorites for excellent fall color are ‘Autumn Blaze’, ‘Northwood Red’, and Sugar Maples.




cortland apple

8.) Apple Trees

We all love warm apple pie and apple crisp in the fall so why not grow your own, apples that is (if anyone has a tree that grows apple crisp I would very much like a cutting from it!). It is really pretty easy to do, all you need to start is 2 apple trees, and if you live in the Northwoods a deer fence. Our recommendations for trees to plant if you want fresh eating apples would be ‘Cortland’, ‘Honeycrisp’ and ‘Fireside’. If you want to do some fall baking we would recommend ‘Red Baron’, ‘Goodland’, and ‘State Fair’



autumn-joy sedum9.) Sedum

Sedum or stonecrop are amazing late summer performers that love the sun and require very little maintenance. They are quite drought tolerant and provide a stunning display of pink to red flowers. Some varieties like ‘Purple Emperor’ have dark burgundy foliage while others have variegated green and white leaves. The most popular though is probably ‘Autumn Joy’ which has large succulent green leaves and bright pink flower heads in August and September.



fall mums10.) Mums

The quintessential fall plant is last on this list but certainly not least. Usually by this time of year our annual flower pots are beginning to fade and our entranceways and patios need some sprucing up. Mums are the perfect choice. They withstand cooler weather excellently (they can even tolerate a light frost), they add lots of instant color and they flower for an extended period of time. When you are shopping for mums it can be tempting to pick the ones that are in full bloom, but if you pick ones that have tighter buds, that are only beginning to open you will be able to enjoy your flowers for much longer.


Fall is always a bit depressing as a gardener but hopefully adding some of these great plants will either give you hope for the next spring or extend your growing season a bit longer. Tell us, in our comments section what you like to do in your garden in the fall.

Katie Bevernitz

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