Keep Life Simple with Professional Home Care-taking

Are you looking for someone to care for your Northwoods vacation home year-round? Or is your schedule too busy for home maintenance? Custom Landscaping has the answer for you with our professional, reliable property management services. We handle all of your home care-taking needs – from seasonal maintenance to holiday decoration, we can simplify your life while keeping your home and property well-maintained and looking great!

Home & Property Maintenance in Northern Wisconsin & Upper Michigan

  • Roof shoveling: Don’t risk personal injury and avoid hassle – call Custom Landscaping to shovel your roof this winter. With professional snow removal services, we can provide complete snow and ice management for your home or business.
  • Roof cleaning & Moss removal: Keeping your roof clean and free of moss and debris can prevent extensive repairs down the road.
  • Exterior power washing: We have the right equipment to keep the exterior of your home and patio clean.
  • Deck & Patio Care: Custom Landscaping offers patio and deck care including staining, sealing, and repairs to keep your outdoor living experience carefree and enjoyable.
  • Boat, Raft & Dock Maintenance: Seasonal maintenance of your boat and rafts ensures that you will enjoy every possible minute on the water this summer. We also offer boat dock and lift sales, installation, repair and removal.
  • Minor Carpentry Repairs: Keeping up on your home’s maintenance saves you money in the long run – our professionals can inspect your property for maintenance needs, perform necessary repairs, and prevent small problems from becoming major issues.
  • Holiday Lighting & Preparation: Want your home to shine for the holidays? With Custom Landscaping’s holiday services, your property will be festive for the season, even if you aren’t present or don’t have the time.

Peace of Mind Property Inspections by Custom Landscaping of Eagle River

Whether you are a seasonal resident or planning a vacation, leaving your Northwoods home unattended can be worrisome. Custom Landscaping can help relieve those concerns with scheduled property inspections. With regular walk-throughs, we can ensure the security of your home and property and keep you informed of maintenance needs as they develop. Call us today to set up the home care-taking plan that best fits your needs!

 Contact Custom Landscaping today for all your home care-taking needs!